Fly Fishing Seasons New Zealand


Spring : 1st October -31st December - Best fishing at this time of year is in the Back country streams and rivers that open on the 1st of October. Fishing in the Taupo Rivers is also very good at this time with late runs of spawning trout. Nymphing is the most productive method.


Summer : 1st January-31st March - Dry fly and Nymph fishing in small streams and rivers is great right through this period. Most years there will be good opportunities to fish large terrestrial dry fly patterns. This is also the best time of year for sight fishing. The weather is warm and the sky is usually clear.


Autumn : 1st April-30th June - Browns can be very active in places over this period as the weather starts to cool. Nymphing is very good while chances for dry fly ar still possible. Early runs of Spawning Trout in upper reaches provide good nymphing to large well conditioned fish.


Winter : 1st July to 31st September- As most backcountry streams are closed over this period the focus goes on the local Taupo rivers. This period offers the chance to fish for Lake Taupo Steelhead which run the rivers to spawn. The Tongariro and Tauranga-Taupo rivers hold the best opportunities These fish average around 4Lbs and have superb fighting qualities.